Baxter & Malibu

Spot On! Dog Salon wants you and your pet to have the very best grooming experience possible. Here are some suggestions to help your grooming appointment go smoothly:

Be calm
Your dog is very keen to your sensitivities. If you are relaxed and comfortable going to the salon, chances are your dog will be too.


Start them young
If you want your dog to be professionally groomed, start when they are a puppy, as young as 3 months of age. Even if it’s just for a bath, the younger you introduce the grooming salon environment the better.

Groom at home
Getting your pet used to being brushed, bathed, and nails clipped will go a long way towards helping them adjust positively to the grooming salon environment.

Keep regular appointments
Every dog is different and so is every dog owner. Your groomer is trained to know how often your pet should be groomed, depending on the needs of you and your dog.

Positive attention can be negative
When you arrive at the grooming salon, try to ignore behaviours like shaking or whining. Save the hugs and kisses for pick-up time.Chloe